Choice Architecture for Marketers

A Talk by Paul Wood
Director, Indulge Media

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About this talk

This talk is about the principles of choice architecture.

Part of 'nudge theory' (Thaler and Sunstein) and reliant on research from other behavioural economists and marketers, choice architecture is an incredibly accessible way to improve people's lives in the way we (marketers) present choice to our customers/users.

Choice architecture is an attractive subject because:

1) Many people in digital marketing don't really know much about it

2) It's packaged into six relatively easy-to-grasp principles

3) There are lots of good examples out in the real world to show it working (in fact, knowing about the principles gives you are really nice framework for understanding why a website does or doesn't do a good job)

4) It's a theory that's actually possible to apply regardless of what type of marketer you are (it can influence how you write, present, design etc)

5) Done right, it can actually have a real impact on people's happiness

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