Proving your SEO activity is paying off

A talk by Helen Pollitt
Managing Director, Arrows Up

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About this talk

The graph is showing a downward trend in organic traffic. What’s the cause? Seasonality, changing market conditions, or are we blaming the competition this time? Often, this is the thought process purely because we don’t know for sure how our work is impacting organic traffic to the website. This talk is designed to help you diagnose drops in organic traffic in a practical, repeatable way. Learn how to identify what is causing loss of organic traffic and how to regain it. Key takeaways include: - learn how to spot the impact of other marketing channels on your SEO success. Find out how to work with other channel owners to maximise the benefit of their results in your organic traffic. - discover how to isolate causes of traffic drops amongst a sea of data. Using free tools we'll go through the process of pinning down the exact reason traffic has declined - find out how to put in place effect remedial strategies to recover that lost traffic - understand the step-by-step process of separating causation from correlation. Learn to spot the impact of market conditions on your organic traffic. The effort you put into growing your organic visibility should be rewarded. This talk will help you to prevent the circumstances that might steal your ROI.

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